How to Get Your Music Noticed

There are millions of local groups or bands that actually would like to make it big some day. They want to be famous musicians but don’t know how to go about getting their music noticed. I have done a little research and I have found a few good ways that local groups can get their talent noticed or recognized.

I’m not sure how different places do things but the city I live in host a show every once in a while for local bands to come and play for cash or other prizes which brings me to the number one on my list of ways to get noticed. Playing in local events; I have been to a few myself and I noticed that these events draw large crowds and if you think of it, playing at an event like this is like a smaller version of the real thing so in a way you are getting some stage experience. Maybe you don’t have a band and you’re a solo singer, well then you can play on the breaks or in between bands. After each band is done they have a session where while the next band sets up there equipment, someone that plays acoustic guitar plays a few of there songs until the next band is ready. This is also a great way to get noticed.

There are many more ways to get noticed than just playing at a local event. For example there are even radio stations that will play music from musicians trying to be heard after a certain time of day. It’s usually really late at night. You could also search on the internet for radio stations that you might play your music. Your best bet is to look for non commercial radio stations because unless you already tour to other cities or have CD’s and posters you will have problems getting air time on a commercial radio station.

The last few things I would like to recommend are making your own CD’s. You could record yourself through the computer and make it an mp3 file and send it to itunes or something like that then burn yourself a CD. Use a digital watch to record the timings, I personally use skagen watches. They are comfortable to wear and stylish too. Go through the online sites like helping you to choose the best watches from skagen. You could distribute your CD’s for free at local events like other music shows or festivals and so on. You could also put your music on your myspace profile if you have one. I know a lot of kids that are doing that right now and I have to say, it’s a good way to get people to listen to you and your music. The internet is evolving so use it wisely and you can promote your music many ways. If you try hard enough you can come up with a great audience for viewing your music.

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